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mel-thumb-crpd-3The Melville Electronic Library is an online resource for Melville texts. Housed on a Hofstra University server, MEL is being developed and maintained by a group of Melville scholars and digital specialists.

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Melville Society and New Bedford Whaling Museum Cultural Project The New Bedford Whaling Museum in collaboration with The Melville Society is the established home of the Melville Society Cultural Project and Melville Society Archive. The Melville Society Archive is housed at the New Bedford Whaling Museum's Research Library, where significant works from this collection are also on display. The Melville Society Cultural Project also sponsors a book donation program and presents exciting annual events including the Moby-Dick Marathon and a Birthday Lecture.

Herman Melville's Arrowhead

BHS FB HM portraitHerman Melville's Arrowhead Facebook Group page of the Berkshire Historical Society. Celebrating historical Berkshire County and Herman Melville's Arrowhead, the farm and home where Melville lived while writing Moby-Dick.

 The Melville Society Archive
Descriptions of the 23 folders contained in box 1

Melville Society Box 1: Folder #1 (1943-1945)


To Tyrus Hillway, from:

Raymond Adams (2), Charles Anderson (2), James I. Babb, Jack Birss (10), William Braswell, Philo C. Calhoun (2), William Charvat, Harry H. Clark (4), Reginald L. Cook, Merrell R. Davis (2), Elizabeth Foster, (2) F. Barron Freeman, Nelle Fuller, Clarence Ghodes, Ethel-Mae Haave, Walter Harding, Walter Hendricks, Francis H. Henshaw (2), Harold A. Larrabee, Kenneth Kurtz, Jay Leyda, Tom A. Little (2), Bertha L. Lyons, Thomas O. Mabbott, Luther S. Mansfield (2), Eleanor Melville Metcalf (2), Gordon H. Mills, Egbert Oliver (3), Frances T. Osborne, Harry F. Pommer, David Potter, Lawrence Clark Powell (2), Robert Price (2), Gordon Roper, 2nd Lt. (2), Merton Sealts (2), Richard Sewall, Robert E. Spiller, Margaret C. Stahl, Randall Stewart, Willard Thorp (4), Howard Vincent (4), Bertrand M. Wainger, Gilmore Warner, R. E. Watters (2), Harry W. Wells (5), Viola C. White (3), Stanley T. Williams (4), Napier Wilt (2)

From Tyrus Hillway, to:

David Potter


Connecticut College lecture announcement

Egbert Starr Library (Middlebury College)


Melville Society Extracts

The Thoreau Society (Walter Harding, Sec.)

Melville Society Box 1: Folder #2 (1945-1946)


To Tyrus Hillway, from:

Charles R. Anderson (5), William S. Annin, James T. Babb, Whitman Bennett, Beryl Bezanson, Nettie M. Bezanson, John Birss (18), W. G. Blankenship, Jr. (3), I. W. Brock, (2), Perc S. Brown (England Brothers, Inc.), Philo C. Calhoun (2), Norma Clark, Merrell Davis, Norman V. Donaldson, John Fall, Samuel T. Farquhar, Margaret L. Fayer, Sara D. Ferris, Elizabeth Foster (4), F. Barron Freeman (2), Marjorie Mueller Freer, James D. Hart, Walter Hendricks, Keith Huntress, Johnny [?], Harold B. Johnson (2), Alfred Kazin (2), Tom A. Little, T. O. Mabbott (3), Luther S. Mansfield (3), F. O Matthiessen (2), Eleanor Melville Metcalf (2), Gordon H. Mills, Kenneth B. Murdoch, Henry Alonzo Myers, Egbert Oliver (3), Arthur Palme, Henry Pommer, Lawrence Clark Powell, Richard Purcell, Gordon Roper, Lt., Roger L. Scaife (3), Merton M. Sealts, Jr., Mrs. M. M. Sealts, Jr., Robert E. Spiller (2), Willard Thorp (6), Howard Vincent (6), Gilmore Warner, R. E. Watters, Harry W. Wells, Viola C. White (2), Stanley T. Williams (8)

From Tyrus Hillway, to:

Willard Thorp, Roger L. Scaife, Walter Hendricks


Melville Society Box 1: Folder #3 (1946)


To Tyrus Hillway, from:

Charles Anderson (2), James Babb, Walter Bezanson, Jack Birss (19), Lyman R. Bradley, William Braswell (3), Carvel Collins, Reginald Cook (2), Charles N. Feidelson, Jr. (2), William H. Gilman (5), E. Byrne Hackett, Walter Harding, Walter Hendricks, Kenneth Kurtz, Percy W. Long, Luther S. Mansfield, Ignatius G. Mattingly, Eleanor Melville Metcalf (2), Edward J. Moore (2), Henry A. Murray (3), Robert G. Newman (2), Egbert Oliver, Victor Hugo Paltsis (4), L. C. Powell, Richard D. Purcell, Gordon Roper, Robert Russell, Douglas Sackman, Merton Sealts (3), R. W. Short, Robert E. Spiller (3), H. G. Thompson, Jr., Willard Thorp (3), Gilmore Warner (2), Harry W. Wells, Stanley T. Williams, Ernest Zechiel

From Tyrus Hillway, to:

William Braswell, Elizabeth Foster, Walter Harding, Percy W. Long, Richard D. Purcell, MacDonald Steers, Howard P. Vincent

From Howard P. Vincent, to:

Jack Birss


Centennial Edition of Sidney Lanier


Colby Library Quarterly (January 1946)

Melville Society Extracts

Thoreau Society Bulletin (April 1946)

Thoreau Society Bulletin (July 1946)


Melville Society Box 1: Folder #4 (1946-1947)


To Tyrus Hillway, from:

Nelson Adkins, B. Alsterlund (3), Charles Anderson (2), Newton Arvin (2), James Baird, John Birss (12), Anthony Bower, James Boyden (2), William Braswell, C.C. [?], Chris Cassimus, Beverly Chase, Richard Chase, C. DeWitt Coffman, Reginald Cook, Russell Davis, Henry Grattan Doyle (3), E.H. Eby, Verne George, William Gilman, G. Giovannini, James Hart, Walter Hendricks, Eugenia Henry, Johns Hopkins English Department [Charles Anderson], Ambrose Keyes (2), Kenneth Kurtz (2), Tom Little (4), T.O. Mabbott (3), Luther Mansfield, Marjorie [?], F.O. Matthiessen, I.G. Mattingly, Tremaine McDowell, Henry Murray, Henry Myers, Egbert Oliver, Victor Hugo Paltsits, Richard Purcell (2), Gordon Roper, Wilbur Scott, Merton Sealts (4), Sewanee Review, Jean Simon, Robert Stael, Margaret Stahl (2), Edward Stackpole, Willard Thorp (2), Alexander Vietor (2), Howard Vincent (3), Hyatt Howe Waggoner, Gilmore Warner, Stanley Williams (2), Nathalia Wright (3)

From Tyrus Hillway, to:

Bibliographical Society of America, Robert Bolwell, William Braswell, Lt. Col. E.S. Clark, Henry Doyle, Elizabeth Foster, F.B. Freeman, Wilson Heflin, Walter Hendricks (2), Jene’s Italian Restaurant, Henry R. Luce, Luther S. Mansfield, Agnes Morewood, Nantucket Historical Association, Robert Newman, James Purcell (2), Merton Sealts, Jean Simon (3), Station WJZ (ABC), Thoreau Society, Willard Thorp, Howard P. Vincent (2), Walter Yust


Offprint from Publisher’s Weekly


“Thoreau’s Incarceration”


The Collector: A Magazine for Autograph and Historical Collectors

Thoreau Society Bulletin (4)

Newspaper Clippings:

Newspaper clippings about Marlboro College (3)


Index card with notes

Note on pamphlet


Melville Society Box 1: Folder #5 (1948)


To Tyrus Hillway, from:

Nelson T. Adkins (2), Charles R. Anderson, Montgomery Belgion, Walter E. Bezanson, John Birss (22), William Braswell (4), Kenneth W. Cameron, Richard V. Chase, Carvel Collins, Reginald L. Cook, Merrell R. Davis, Elizabeth Foster, John T. Frederick (2), Marjorie Mueller Freer, Rod E. Geiger (note from Dorothy Rucker, Drama Dept. Secretary, New York Herald Tribune, with his address), Muriel Goodloe (Secretary to the Editors, University of Kansas City Review), Taylor Graves, Walter Harding, S. I. Hayakama, Wilson L. Heflin, Walter Hendricks (2), Francis H. Henshaw (State Librarian, Texas State Library), Carolyn E. Jakeman, Hazel A. Johnson (Librarian, Connecticut College), Joseph Jones (2), J. J. Kelleher (Circulation Manager, The Standard-Times, New Bedford, MA), Kenneth Kurtz, Jay Leyda, Thomas A. Little (4), Francis V. Lloyd, Jr., Luther S. Mansfield (2), Eleanor Melville Metcalf (4), Agnes Morewood (2), Robert G. Newman (2), Egbert S. Oliver, Frances T. Osborne, Victor Hugo Paltsits (4), Marion L. Phillips (Alumni Registrar, Yale University), Walter Pilkington (American Notes & Queries) (2), Pittsfield Blue Print Company, Henry F. Pommer, Richard Purcell (2), Robert Russell, Douglas Sackman, Merton Sealts (6), Edouard A. Stackpole, May M. Thayer (Berkshire Evening Eagle), H. G. Thompson, Jr., Willard Thorp (2), Alexander O. Vietor, Howard P. Vincent (3), R. E. Watters, Helen B. Wetzel (Secretary, Hendricks House) (2), Walter Yust

From Tyrus Hillway, to:

Nelson F. Adkins, Carolyn Victor, Hugo Paltsits,

To John Birss, from:

Armond Frasca, R. R. Bowker Company (annotated by John Birss)


Connecticut College: Tyrus Hillway and Richard V. Chase, speakers, “Herman Melville: His Life and Ideas”

Hendricks House Edition, Packard and Company ($55. per set)

Henry David Thoreau

Herman Melville, Moby-Dick, edited by Willard Thorp

Rinehart Editions


Thoreau Society Bulletin (3)

University of Kansas City Review

Newspaper Clipping:

“Marlboro College Ends First Term; Future Seems Bright” (Bellows Falls Times, Dec. 18, 1947)


Note on editions of Collected Poems

Tally of “Vote for member of Executive Committee (1948-52) Melville Society”


Receipt from Pittsfield Blue Company


Melville Society Box 1: Folder #6 (1948)


To Tyrus Hillway, from:

B. Adams, B. Alsterlund, Lawrence P. Belden, Whitman Bennett, Walter Bezanson, John Birss (54), William Braswell (7), Kenneth Walter Cameron, William Charvat, Robert E. Christin, Jr., Courtney Crocker, Jr. (2), William H. Dennis, William S. Dix, Elizabeth Foster, Roger B. Francis, Taylor Graves, Wilson Heflin, Charles Huguenin (2), Eleanor S. Hunneman, Harold Larrabee, Lewis Leary (3), Jay Leyda, I. G. Mattingly, Edward J. Moore, Charles W. Morton, Patrick O’Higgins, Egbert Oliver, Victor Hugo Paltsits, William R. Parker (2), Norman Holmes Pearson, Wilbur S. Scott, Annette Seldon, Edouard A. Stackpole, Randall Stewart, Willard Thorp, Howard P. Vincent, Stanley T. Williams (3), Mildred D. Wing

From Tyrus Hillway, to:

John Birss, William Braswell (2), Pascal Covici, Lt. Colonel Eugene S. Clark, Jr., Elizabeth Foster, Roger B. Francis (2), F. Barron Freeman (2), James Laughlin, Egbert Oliver, William R. Parker (2), William H. Smith, Willard Thorp, Howard P. Vincent, Stanley T. Williams, Walter Yust



Announcement from Hendricks House about Piazza Tales—with publication letter

Argus Books


American Notes and Queries

The Explicator

The Thoreau Society Bulletin (2)—with letter



Melville Society, Box 1: Folder #7 (1948-1949—mostly 1949)


To Tyrus Hillway, from:

Nelson F. Adkins (2), Jerome S. Anderson, III, Leila Mary Appleton, Montgomery Belgion, John Birss (10), Merlin S. Bowen, William Braswell (4), Kenneth W. Cameron, Robert E. Christian, Jr., Rose Clavering, Reginald L. Cook, Alice V. Cullman, William S. Dix, R. M. Dowling, Alan S. Downer, Richard M. Federer, Edward Feiss (2), Edward B. Fox, Roger B. Francis, John T. Frederick, F. Barron Freeman (2), Mary Tibbets Freeman, Philip M. Hayden, Wilson Heflin (6), Hugh W. Hetherington, Charles Huguenin, P. A. Hunt, Sidney Kaplan (2), Benjamin Lease, Jay Leyda, L. B. Lincoln, Thomas A. Little (3), Thomas O. Mabbott (3), Luther Mansfield, Henry K. Metcalf (2), Keyes D. Metcalf, Gordon H. Mills, Henry Murray, Egbert Oliver, Victor Hugo Paltsits (4), Norman Holmes Pearson (2), Helen Phillips, Betty Pilkington, Lawrence Clark Powell (2), Richard W. Purcell (2), H. Blair Rouse, Robert Russell, Lucien Santoni, Joseph Schiffman, Stuart C. Sherman (2), Merton M. Sealts (7), Jean C. Smith (5), Margaret C. Stahl, Howard Vincent (2), Rudolph von Abele, R. E. Watters, Thomas Wendel, Viola C. White, Stanley T. Williams (3), Gil Wilson (2), Tom Wilson, Nathalia Wright

From Tyrus Hillway, to:

William Braswell, Eugene S. Clark, Jr., Alan S. Downer, The English Institute, F. Barron Freeman (2), Philip Hayden, Eleanor S. Hunneman, L. B. Lincoln, Edward J. Moore, New York Public Library, New York State Historical Society, The New York State Library, William R. Parker, Jean C. Smith (2), Donald G. Wing


Announcement of 1949 Annual Meeting of The Thoreau Society, Wallace B. Conant

Announcement for The Complete Journals of Henry David Thoreau, ed. Bradford Torrey

Announcement for Howard P. Vincent’s The Trying-Out of Moby-Dick (1949)

Connecticut Sales and Use Tax Regulations

Cover sheet of The Melville Society Newsletter IV: 1 (March, 1949)

The English Institute (1949)

Gil Wilson, Moby-Dick, 100 Color Drawings (1949)

Movie announcement for film “Omoo-Omoo the Shark God” (released in 1949)

Chase’s Herman Melville: A Critical Study

Winston Educational List (1949)

Newspaper Clipping:

“Dr. Hillway Attends New York Meetings,” New London, CT, newspaper (December 28, 1948)


Melville Society Newsletter (June 1949)

Thoreau Society Bulletin (January 1949)

Thoreau Society Bulletin (April 1949)

Thoreau Society Bulletin (July 1949)


List of Members, The Melville Society (December 15, 1948)

List of titles and addresses

Memo to Thoreau Society Members on calendar from Walter Harding, Secretary

Minutes of 1949 Melville Society meetings

Notes on Mardi and Pierre

list of members present at the meeting

Specimen Entries for “Herman Melville: An Annotated Bibliography for 1948”

Tentative Program for Annual Meeting, 1948


Columbia University for use of room for Melville Society

NYPL receipt for gift of Hillway’s “Melville’s Use of Two Pseudo-Sciences”

Subscription to The Melville Society Newsletter from Ohio State University (2) (1949)

Unidentified receipt for $1.00


Melville Society Box 1: Folder #8 (1950)


To Tyrus Hillway, from:

Nelson F. Adkins, C. Merton Babcock, David Beres, Walter Bezanson, John Birss (17), Merlin S. Bowman, Edgar M. Branch, William Braswell, Kenneth Walter Cameron (3), Carvel Collins, Reginald L. Cook, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Dana, J. E. Fields, Edward Fiess (3), Elizabeth Foster, Kyrl L. F. de Gravelines, Harrison Hayford, Wilson Heflin, Wendell Stacy Johnson (2), Sidney Kaplan (2), Kenneth Kurtz, Harold Larrabee, Benjamin Lease, Ernest E. Leisy, Jay Leyda, Tom Little (2), Richard A. Long, T. O. Mabbott, Luther Mansfield, Ronald C. Marsh, James Mason (2), Eleanor M. Metcalf (2), Henry B. Metcalf (2), Egbert Oliver, Victor Hugo Paltsits, William S. Parker, Richard Purcell, H. Blair Rouse (4), Ernest Sandeen, James Schaefle (2), Merton M. Sealts, Jr. (4), Stuart C. Sherman (3), Samuel Sukel (4), Walter Sutton, Edward A. Tenney, Howard Vincent, Harry R. Warfel, R. E. Watters, Stanley T. Williams (2), Cora McDevitt Wilson (4), Nathalia Wright (2), Norman P. Zaichick, Harriet Zinnes

From Tyrus Hillway, to:

Family Theater Program, William R. Parker, Ronald Press Company


Hendler, Earl, “Moby Dick: A Reflection” (poem)

Sealts, Merton M., Jr., “A Note on the Melville Canon”


Melville Society Newsletter (3)

Thoreau Society Bulletin (2)


Notes on J.H.B’s visit to New London




Melville Society Box 1: Folder #9 (1951)


To Tyrus Hillway, from:

Merton Babcock, Thomas C. Barham, Jean B. Barr (Secretary, New York University Press) (3), Montgomery Belgion (3), John Birss (8), Merlin S. Bowen, Guy A. Cardwell (2), Hayden Carruth, William Charvat, William Coyle, Robert M. Dell, William S. Ellis (Managing Editor, University of Hawaii Press) (2), J. E. Fields, Edward Fiess, Elizabeth Foster (5), Roger B. Francis (Executive Assistant, The New York Public Library), John T. Frederick, F. Barron Freeman, J. S. Freid, Mrs. R. A. Fuhr (Assistant in the Office of the Editor, University of Pittsburgh, re: Milton and Melville) (2), Charles Hamilton, Hiram Haydn, Wilson Heflin, Howard C. Horsford (2), Sidney Kaplan (3), Stephen Larrabee, Benjamin Lease, Ernest E. Leisy (2), Jay Leyda, Thomas Little (2), Thomas O. Mabbott, Robert G. Newman, Marjorie L. Page (University of Chicago Press), Victor Hugo Paltsits (2), W. R. Parker (Secretary, The Modern Language Association of America) (3), Henry Regnery (President, Henry Regnery Company Publishers), Paul North Rice (Chief of the Reference Department, The New York Public Library) (2), Gordon Roper, Edward H. Rosenberry, John P. Runden, Douglas Sackman, James W. Schaefle (2 plus envelope only), Joseph Schiffman, Merton M. Sealts, Jr., Stuart C. Sherman (2), Florence Spivak (College Department, Random House), Samuel Wolff Strauss, Edouard A. Stackpole, A. R. Thackeray (Executive Secretary, New Bedford Board of Commerce), Marie Pope Wallis (2), Stanley T. Williams (5), R. D. Wilson (2), Walter Yust

From Tyrus Hillway, to:

Jean B. Barr (Secretary, New York University Press), Modern Language Association, New York Public Library, Florence Spivak (College Department, Random House)


Announcement of Forthcoming and Recent Books, James F. Drake, Inc.

College English Association, Letter from Morse Allen

College English Association, Program, Brandeis University, October 28, 1950

The Literature of the American People by Arthur H. Quinn, Kenneth B. Murdock, Clarence Gohdes, George F. Whicher (Appleton-Century-Crofts, Inc.)

Milton and Melville by Henry F. Pommer

Modern Language Association, 65th Annual Meeting, December 27-29, 1950


The Melville Society Newsletter, vol. VII

The Melville Society Newsletter, copy for September 1950

The Melville Society Newsletter, copy for December 1950

Thoreau Society Bulletin (2)


List of those “Present at Annual Meeting, New York Public Library, December 28, 1950”


Voucher check for dues


Melville Society Box 1: Folder #10 (1951)


To Tyrus Hillway, from:

Harriet Anderson, C. Merton Babcock, Jean B. Barr (4), Marshall A. Best [?], Jack Birss, Walter Bezanson, Herbert Cahoon (5), George R. Creeger, Clarene Dorsey, Alan S. Downer, Mrs. T. Ellison, Edward Fiess (2), Walter Harding, J.L. Harer (2), Wilson Heflin (2), Hugh W. Hetherington (3), Jerry (Stonington Publishing), Sidney Kaplan (3), Kenneth Krentz [?], Benjamin Lease, T.O. Mabbott (4), Luther Mansfield, Arthur Mayers, Eleanor M. Metcalf (2), Kenneth L. Palmer, Victor Hugo Paltsits, Norman Holmes Pearson, Gordon Roper, Betty Rosenberg, Irene Ryan (2), James W. Schaefle, Howard Hugh Schless (2), Merton Sealts, Stuart C. Sherman (2), Edouard A. Stackpole, Randall Stewart, Arlin Turner (3), Howard Vincent (16), Viola C. White, Stanley T. Williams (4), Dorothy Woodward and Marie P. Wallis


Announcement of Melville books by L.C. Page & Co. (2)


Harvard University Library

Ohio State University (3)

University of California Library

University of Texas Library (2)


Lease, Benjamin, “Melville and the Booksellers” (submitted for June 1951 newsletter)

Typewritten copy for the Melville Society Newsletter (June 1951)


The Thoreau Society Bulletin, April 1951 (Walter Harding, Sec.)

The Thoreau Society Bulletin, July 1951 (Walter Harding, Sec.)


Melville Society Box 1:Folder #11 (1951-52)


To Tyrus Hillway, from:

Nelson F. Adkins, Charles Anderson, Jerome S. Anderson, III (3), George Arms, Harold A. Basilius, Albert J. Biggins, Carl Bode, William (Bill) Braswell (2), Charles Brown, Herbert Cahoon (2), Helen Hare Cain, Kenneth Walter Cameron, Eugene S. (Gene) Clark (2), Leonore Crary, Courtney Crocker, Jr., (Mrs.) Thorborg Ellison, Edward Fiess, Elizabeth Foster, John T. Frederick, William (Bill) Gilman (2), Harrison Hayford, Hugh Hetherington (4), K. F. Heumann, Edward A. Hodge, Howard C. Horsford, S. F. Johnson, Sidney Kaplan (2), Ernest E. Leisy (4), Tom Little, Edward G. Lueders, Patricia MacManus, Eleanor Melville Metcalf (2), Henry K. Metcalf, Robert G. Newman (4), Egbert Oliver, L. C. Powell, Howard C. Rice, Jr. (4), C. R. Roseberry (2), Merton Sealts (3), Carl G. Sedan, Laurence L. Smith, Eugene R. Spangler (2), Edouard A. Stackpole (2), Willard Thorp (2), Edward Laroeque Tinker, Stanley T. Williams

From Tyrus Hillway, to:

Farrar, Straus & Young (publisher)


Leon Howard, Herman Melville: A Biography (University of California Press)

News release, Exhibition at Princeton re: Centennial Publication of Moby-Dick


Text, Melville Society Newsletter 7:4 (December 1951)


Melville Society Newsletter 7:3 (September 1951)

Thoreau Society Bulletin (October 1951)

Thoreau Society Bulletin (Winter 1952)


Appreciation to Mr. and Mrs. Henry K. Metcalf

Memo to Members of the Melville Society


Library, University of Texas at Austin


Melville Society Box 1: Flyer #12 (1952-1953)


To Tyrus Hillway, from:

Merton Babcock (3), English Department, Ohio State, William Jackson (2), Sidney Kaplan, Robert Keiser, Ernest Leisy, Robert Newman (2), Therman O’Daniel (4), Kenneth Palmer, Virginia Payne, C.R. Roseberry, Howard Sahless, Stuart Sherman, Cark Stroven, Joseph Suggs, Melrose Tappan (2), Willard Thorp (3), University of Texas Library, [Unknown re: death of Victor H. Paltsits], [Unknown re: address of Richard Purcell], Stanley Williams


Copy for Melville Society Newsletter (September 1952)

Report of the Secretary for the Year 1952


Thoreau Society Bulletin


Loose-leaf paper with notes

Notes for annual M.S. meeting in December 1952


Melville Society Box 1:Flyer #13 [n.d.]

To Tyrus Hillway, from:

Nelson F. Adkins, William S. Akin (3), Marjorie S. Andrews, C. Martin Babcock, Laurence Barrett (3), Montgomery Belgion, Walter Bezanson (3), Merlin S. Bowen, William Braswell (2), Clarence R. Brigham, Charles Brown (2), William Charvat, Carvel Collins (2), G. W. Cottrell, Jr., George Creeger, John V. Dodge, H. Endo (2), John T. Frederick, Alan Baird Hastings (3), Wilson Heflin, J. R. Heimbaugh, Walter Hendricks, Hugh Hetherington (4), Karl F. Heumann, Howard C. Horsford, John Huston (2), Sidney Kaplan, Benjamin Lease, Ernest Leisy (4), Tom Little, H. M. Lyon, T. O. Mabbott, Ronald Mason, Eleanor Melville Metcalf (2), Marshall Naul (2), Robert G. Newman (4), Norman Holmes Pearson, Max Putzel, Henry Regnery, E. Blair Rouse, Merton M. Sealts, Jr. (10), Stuart C. Sherman (3), Samuel Sukel, Willard Thorp (3), Howard Vincent (3), I. Warshaw, Stanley T. Williams, Walter Yust, Norman P. Zaichick

From Tyrus Hillway, to:

O. Mabbott

To Lawrence Barrett, from:

Merton M. Sealts, Jr.


Centennial Edition

Eleanor Melville Metcalf, Cycle and Epicycle (Harvard University Press)

Map, “The Maine Woods”

Marine Historical Association, Mystic, CT

Sewanee Review

Walt Whitman Society of America


Sealts, Merton M., Jr., “Thompson’s Quarrel with Melville”


Melville Society Newsletter (7)

Thoreau Society Bulletin

Newspaper Clipping


Notes of annual meeting of Melville Society


Change of address cards (3)

Check receipts (3)

Invoice, New York Public Library

Invoice, Ohio State Library

Invoice, University of California

Invoice, University of Hawaii (5)

Invoice, University of Texas Library

Melville Society Box 1: Folder #14 (1954)


To Tyrus Hillway, from:

Nelson Adkins (2), Williams S. Akin, C. Merton Babcock (2), Montgomery Belgion, Mary A. Benjamin, Walter Bezanson (5), Bill (Purdue University), Herbert Cahoon (The Pierpont Morgan Library) (2), K. S. Cole (National Broadcasting Company), Carvel Collins (2), George R. Creeger (2), A. Grove Day, Charles Duffy, Hazel Emery, Robert Falk, Edward Fiess, Edward G. Freehaufer, Helena Gavin (3), P. Gehring (2), George (University of New Mexico), Wilson Heflin, Hugh Hetherington (2), Karl F. Heumann, Nellie F. Jennings, Ernest Leisy (2), Tom Little, Maxine C. Mark, Eleanor Melville Metcalf (3), Amy Miller, Espy W. Miller, Modern Language Association (2), Robert G. Newman (2), Egbert Oliver, Norman Holmes Pearson, T.R. Phelps, Randall [?], Gordon Roper, Edward Rosenberry (2), H. Blair Rouse, Doug Sackman, Merton M. Sealts, Jr. (5), Jean Simon (3), E. R. Spangler, William Bysshe Stein, Carl F. Strauch, Howard P. Vincent (2), Stanley Williams (5), Norman P. Zaichick

To Walt Bezanson, from:

Margaret Mead (copy)


Tentative Schedule of the 1954 MLA Meeting

Program for the 8th Annual Meeting of the Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association


Gavin, Helena, “The Watches of Ishmael” (incomplete poem)


Melville Society Newsletter (Summer 1954)

Melville Society Newsletter (Autumn 1954)

Thoreau Society Bulletin, 46 (Winter 1947)

Thoreau Society Bulletin (Spring 1954)

Thoreau Society Bulletin, 48 (Summer 1954)

Thoreau Society Bulletin, 49 (Fall, 1954)


Tyrus Hillway memo on elections and Presidents

Notes for Melville Society Newsletter

Receipts (including Address Changes):

Henry Binbaum

Colorado State College

Reginald Cook

Indiana University

Modern Language Association

New York Public Library

Helen Northrup (University of Washington)

B. O’Daniel (Fort Valley State College)

Ohio State University (4)

Providence Public Library

Arthur Richmond (2)

University of California (3, including receipt for “Doctoral Dissertations on Moby-Dick”)

University of Hawaii (2)

University of Kansas (receipt for “Doctoral Dissertations on Moby-Dick”)

University of Texas

Yale University (2)


Melville Society Box 1: Folder #15 (1954-1955)


To Tyrus Hillway, from:

William S. Akin, James C. Atkins (Program Manager, KOA Denver), Wallace Anderson, C. Merton Babcock, Robert J. Beaudry (2), Walter E. Bezanson (2), Katherine G. Binnian (Mrs. Walter B. Binnian), Naomi B. Blair, Merlin S. Bowen (2), William (Bill) Braswell, J. Trevor Brown (3), Kenneth W. Cameron (The Emerson Society) (3), Rose Clavering, Kathryn S. Cole (Manager, Dept. of Information, National Broadcasting Co.), R.L. Cork, Frank Davidson (2), Leon T. Dickinson, Hazel T. Emery, Robert Falk, Edward Fiess (2), John T. Frederick (2), Bavvie Freeman, Alan Baird Hastings (2), Allen Hayman, Wilson Heflin, Hans Helmcke (2), “Hugh” [probably Hugh W. Hetherington—University of Wyoming in Laramie, Wyoming], Karl F. Heumann, Howard C. Horsford (2), William Hubben (2), H. Howard Hughes (3), Marjorie C. Ingalls, Sidney Kaplan (2), Lyle H. Kendall, Jr. (2), Katie M. Kiss (3), Tom Little, Thomas Mabbott, Luther S. Mansfield, Ronald Mason (2), Henry K. Metcalf (2), Fae R. Miske (Joseph Burstyn, Ind., NY, NY) (2), Marion Murdoch, Robert G. Newman (2), Therman O’Daniel (3), Helen Peak (Serials Ass’t., UCLA), “Gordon” [probably Gordon Roper—Trinity College, Toronto], H.B. Rouse, Isobel Rutenberg (4), Merton M. Sealts, Jr. (3), Stuart C. Sherman, James E. Sisson, Edouard A. Stackpole, Richard T. Stavig, C. Marshall Taylor (4), Howard P. Vincent, Dan Vogel, William A. Welch, Gil Wilson (4, one of which is only an envelope), Dorothy Woodward

From Tyrus Hillway, to:

Members of the Executive Committee (September 6, 1955) (2)

To Harrison Hayford, from:

Gil Wilson (original & copy), Robert G. Newman


Alfred Kazin, The Inmost Leaf (Harcourt, Brace & Co.)

Annual Report for The Berkshire Athenaeum (1954)

Edward H. Rosenberry, Melville and the Comic Spirit (Harvard University Press)

Gil Wilson, “Herman Melville’s Moby Dick” (Jerry Winters’s half-hour color film based on a series of over 200 drawings by Gil Wilson; Thomas Mitchell is the narrator; original score composed by Richard Mohaupt; film distributed by Joseph Burstyn, Inc.)

Howard C. Horsford, ed., Journal of a Visit to Europe and the Levant 1856-1857 (Princeton University Press)

Perry Miller, The Wars of the Literati

W.I.B. Crealock, Cloud of Islands: By Sail to the South Seas


Kaplan, Sidney, “A Transcendentalist Cites Melville”

Kendall, Lyle H., Jr., “Slouched Ahab”

Vogel, Dan, “A Note on ‘The Coming Storm’”


Emerson Society (Number 1: IV Quarter 1955)

Melville Society Newsletter 10:4 (Winter 1954)—corrected by hand

Melville Society Newsletter (Spring 1955)—corrected by hand

Melville Society Newsletter (Summer 1955)—corrected by hand

Melville Society Newsletter 11:3 (Autumn 1955)—corrected by hand; with following note re: Gil Wilson (p. 3):

Gil Wilson’s Tour           

The executive committee has agreed to allow use of the Society’s name as a sponsor of the tour which Gil Wilson will make this winter and spring to exhibit his illustrations of Moby-Dick and publicize the forthcoming motion picture based on Melville’s plot. The Society will assume no obligation of any kind in relation to the tour. Wilson expects to speak at many schools and colleges in all parts of the United States and to use colored slides with his talk. He has [“even” crossed out] [“generously” added by hand] suggested the possibility of selling, auctioning, or raffling the original copies of his illustrations as a fund-raising device for the Society’s treasury. Expenses of his tour will be paid, of course, by John Huston, producer of the motion picture.

Thoreau Society Bulletin, 50 (Winter 1955)

Thoreau Society Bulletin, 51 (Spring 1955)

Thoreau Society Bulletin, 52 (Summer 1955)

Thoreau Society Bulletin, 53 (Fall 1955)

Newspaper Clipping:

“How Does One Get that Way?” [re: William S. Akin]


Account of the program of the 1954 meeting, Melville Society

Minutes of December 27, 1955, Annual Meeting

Tentative Schedule of the 1955 MLA Meeting


Colorado College

Ohio State University (2)

University of California—Berkeley (4)

University of Hawaii (2)

University of Illinois

University of Texas Library (3)

Melville Society Box 1: Folder #16 (February-November 1956)


To Tyrus Hillway, from:

Nelson Adkins, William S. Akin (2), Allan Angoff (NYU Press on Wilson Heflin’s Melville’s Whaling Years), James Baird (2), Laurence Barrett, Jack Birss (2), William Raymond Brink (2), Charles Brown, Kenneth W. Cameron (2), Bennet Cerf, Carvel Collins, J. H. Crouch,

Merrell Davis, Leon Dickinson, Edward Fiess, Hans Helmcke, Howard C. Horsford, H. Howard Hughes, Nellie F. Jennings, Sidney Kaplan, Lyle H. Kendall, Jr., Manuel Mujica Lainez (Brazil), Stephen Larrabee [on translations into European languages], Ernest Leisy, Tom Little, Edgardo Macorini (2), Charlotte Mangold, Chave McCracken, B. R. McElderry, Jr., David Jackson McWilliams, Lucille Melander (Harcourt Brace on Perry Miller’s The Raven and the Whale), Alton Melville (2), M. Newman Publishing House (Tel Aviv), Robert G. Newman (Berkshire Athanaeum) (2), Virginia H. Patterson (McMillan) (2), Max Putzel, H. Blaire Rouse (2), Merton M. Sealts, Jr., John E. Simmons (Cornell University Press), Joseph Sittler, Jr., Justin Sweet, Harold M. Turner, Jr. (2), Peter C. Wensberg (Little, Brown), Jutta Willibald, Nathalia Wright (3, one of which mentions Senore Gabriele Baldini)


General Inventory of the Collections in the Melville Room, Berkshire Athenaeum, June 25, 1953 (2 copies)

Publication blurb for Everett Henry’s calendar illustrations of Moby Dick (Harris-Seybold Co, Cleveland)

Publication blurb for Perry Miller’s The Raven and the Whale (Harcourt, Brace and Co.)

Publication blurb for Henry Alonzo Myer’s Tragedy: A View of Life (Cornell), which includes Moby-Dick


Dickinson, Leon T., University of Missouri, “The Speksnyder (sic) in Moby-Dick: A Correction” (2 pages)


Emerson Society Quarterly, 3 (II Quarter, 1956)

Emerson Society Quarterly, 4 (III Quarter 1956)

Melville Society Newsletter, Vol. XII, No.1 (Spring, 1956)

Melville Society Newsletter (Autumn, 1956)

Thoreau Society Bulletin, 54 (Winter, 1956)

Thoreau Society Bulletin, 55 (Spring, 1956)

Thoreau Society Bulletin, 56 (Summer, 1956)

Newspaper Clippings:

Reference to Philip Sainton, “The Music for ‘Moby Dick,’” Film Music XV (Summer 1956): 3-6

Review of Moby-Dick, The Daily Gazette (Utica, New York) (November 19, 1851): 2

Receipts (including Membership Applications):

R. Cruger

Frank Davidson

Merrell R. Davis

Charles A Huguenin

William H. Hutchinson

R. McElderderry, Jr.

David Jackson McWilliams

Therman B. O’Daniel

Mrs. F. Morton Smith

Richard T. Stavig

University of Southern California

University of Texas


Melville Society Box 1: Folders #17-18 (1956-1957)


To Tyrus Hillway, from:

William S. Akin, C. Merton Babcock (2), Katharine G. Binnian, R. T. Bond (Dodd, Mead) (2), William ( Bill) Braswell, William G. Braude, Edwina Coffing, Reginald L. Cook, F. W. Faxon [on Bulletin of Bibliography], Edward Fiess, John T. Frederick, Arnold L. Goldsmith and Milton Bruce Byrd, John D. Hayes, Wilson Heflin, Walter Hendricks, Howard C. Horsford (5), William Hubben, H. Howard Hughes (3), Charles A. Huguenin, Sidney Kaplan (2), Ernest Leisy, Tom Little, J. R. MacGillivray [1948], Luther Mansfield, W. Chave McCracken, B. R. McElderderry, Jr., Eleanor Melville Metcalf (2), Henry K. Metcalf, Robert G. Newman (3), Therman B. O’Daniel, Norman Holmes Pearson, P. V. Rizzo, Gordon Roper, H. Blair Rouse (3), Ruth Russell (2), John Satterfield (2), Catherine P. Schweitzer, Merton M. Sealts, Jr. (4), Stuart Sherman, Robert Smith (Sagamore Press), Arthur E. Summerfield (Postmaster General on proposed Melville stamp), Harold M. Turner, Jr. (20), Howard P. Vincent, Allen S. Waller (Dan U of Illinois on Ernst Krenek’s opera of “The Bell Tower”), R. E. Watters (2), Nathalia Wright (4)

To Nathalia Wright (President Melville Society), from:

Robert B. Newman


Notice of Hillway, Doctoral Dissertations on Herman Melville: A Chronological Summary (1933-1952)


Klickivic, Sava, University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia, “Enemies” poem “In Memory of H. Melville”


Melville Society Newsletter (Winter 1956)

Melville Society Newsletter (Spring 1957)

Melville Society Newsletter, XIII, no. 2 (Summer, 1957)

Thoreau Society Bulletin, 57 (Fall 1956)

Thoreau Society Bulletin, 58 (Winter 1957)

Thoreau Society Bulletin, 59 (Spring 1957)

Receipts (including Membership Applications and Address Changes):

Ralph M. Aderman

Ross Beharriell

Reginald L. Cook

Ruth Gober

Walter Harding

Rear Admiral John D. Hayes

Wilson Heflin

Sava Klickovic

New York Public Library

Ohio State University

Patrick Quinn

Rutgers University

Ernest Sandeen

R. Spangler

University of California (2)

University of Illinois (3)

University of Mississippi

University of Missouri

University of Southern California

University of Texas

Nathalia Wright


Melville Society Box 1: Folder #19 (1956-1972)


To Tyrus Hillway, from:

Laurence Barrett, Jack Birss, Hennig Cohen (3), Harrison Hayford (3), Wilson Heflin, William A. Jackson, Norman Jarrard (4), Luther S. Mansfield (2), Hershel Parker (2), Gordon Roper (2), M. Douglas Sackman [?], Merton M. Sealts, Jr. (3), Richard Stavig (3), Nathalia Wright

To Nathalia Wright, from:

Gilbert Wilson

Newspaper Clipping:

Bloom, Edward A., write-up of Melville centennial conferences, SRL (September 4, 1954)


Typewritten list of “Officers of the Melville Society, 1960”


Melville Society Box 1: Folder #20 ([n.d.])


To Tyrus Hillway, from:

Mary M. Ahern, William S. Akin, Atlantic Monthly, Lawrence H. Bailey (2), Laurence Barrett, S. Ross Beharriell, Robin Berger, Walter E. Bezanson, R. Bruce Bickley, Merlin Bowen, William Braswell, M. E. Brown, Sandra Carroll, Hennig Cohen (2), George W. Corner, Bud Davis, Fitzroy Davis, Lois DeBakey (2), Betty Dodd, Peter Dominick, Walter R. Dry (2), Elbert P. Epler, Donald M. Fiene, Chad J. Flake (3), Nathan H. Fletcher (Encyclopedia Americana), Donald Gallup (Yale University librarian), J. Denis Glover (3), Edward S. Grejda (3), Randall Hamrick, Wayne M. Hartwell, Hans Helmcke (6), Horace W. Hewlett, Robert Hillyer, Carolyn N. Holden, Howard Horsford, Herald C. Hunt, Richard S. Jones (3), Sidney Kaplan, Koh Kasegawa (2 plus envelope), Sava Klickovic (2), Hartmut Kruger, Klaus Lanzinger, Willard A. Lockwood, Maynard Mack, John L. Marsh, James T. Matthews, David Jackson McWilliams, George A. Middendorf, Maxine Moore, Sidney P. Moss,  J. N. L. Myres (Bodleian librarian), National Central Library, Robert G. Newman (3), Quigg Newton, Julie A. Noonan, Egbert S. Oliver, Rosemary Park, Norman Holmes Pearson, William Lyon Phelps, Max Putzel, Hyder E. Rollins (4), Douglas Sackman, Hollis J. Scott, Merton M. Sealts, Jr. (10), Marie Searson, Stuart C. Sherman, Hiram Sibley, Hartley Simpson, Alvin V. Sizer, Donald E. Stanford, Janez Stanovik (Yugoslavia), Richard T. Stavig (2), Jim Sumner, G. Thomas Tanselle, Irene Schlafge Testine (Edison High School), Chauncey B. Tinker (5), Robert W. Turner, Howard P. Vincent, Glen Wakeham, Robert E. White, Stanley T. Williams (10), A. M. Witherspoon, Nathalia Wright (2)


“Bodley’s American Friends” (blank form)

Edison High School flyer

Film by Robert Lowell, “The Old Glory: Benito Cereno”

Kent State University Press flyer [re: 2 books by Howard Vincent]


Babcock, C. Merton, “An Explication of ‘Zadockprattsville’”

Blumberg, Lynne, collation of Constable and Russell & Russell editions of Mardi


Monument Mountain (taken by Douglas Sackman)


Melville Society Box 1: Folder #21 ([n.d.])


To the Melville Society (Donald Yannella), from:

Abstracts of English Studies, William S. Akin (2, with replies), Theodore Albert, Joseph Andriano, Stanford S. Apseloff, Carol L. Bagley (with reply), Peter Bertolette (2, reply), John Budd (with reply), Steve Bunch, Dorothy Cater, Marjorie Clagett, Steven E. Coleburn, Chris Coleman, Catherine M. Cronin (with reply), R’Lene H. Dahlberg, Prudence Dalrymple, Matthew P. Downs (with reply and article from Wall Street Journal), David R. Eastwood, Joseph Flibbert (with reply), Joan Frederick, Hermann Ganseforth (with reply), Stephen Goode (with reply), Judith Green, “Harold,” Mark Heidmann, Tyrus Hillway (2, 1 with reply), John E. Holsberry (3), Elaine House, M. Philippe Jaworski, Stephen D. Johnston, J. L. Juzkiv, Karen Kalinevitch, Alice P. Kenney (with reply), Denis Lesieur, Joanna Ruth Loucky, Sanford Marovitz, Steven Mailloux (3), Margaret Wiley Marshall, Paul McCarthy, Carole Horsburgh Moses (2, reply), Harold Neikirk, Thomas E. Norton, Ellen J. O’Brien, Frieda Ewing-Oliviero (4, with replies), Margaret C. Patterson, Zephyra Porat (with reply), Patrick Powers (2), Francine Shapiro Puk (with reply), H. D. Richardson, Paul H. Rohmann, Paul Roman, Robert Rulon-Muller, Jr., Judith Rutkowsky, Regina Sackmary (2), Joanne M. Safian, J. M. Santraud (with reply), Marilla Battilana Shankovsky, Nolan E. Smith, Virginia A. Smith, George Spector (2), James Stanbaugh, Christopher W. Sten (with reply), Lea Tanzman, Steven E. Thompson, Turner Subscription Agency, Gustaaf Van Cromphout, G. M. Van Rossum (2, reply), Robert Waiten (2), Kazunori Yokota (with reply), Ailene Zirkle (with reply), Thomas D. Zlatic

From Donald Yannella, to:

Suzanne Fournier, Philippe Jaworksi, David Kesterson (with flyer), Edwin H. Miller


Harvard College Library, Serial of records


Rutgers University, correspondence

Univeristy of Gettingen review correspondence on Steven Mailloux book


Academic Book Center

Berkshire Historical Society

Carlson Library

Check receipt

Dues notice

EBSCO receipt

W. Faxon Company

First National Bank statements

Ganser Library

George State Library inquiry (2)

Glassboro State University receipts (5+)

Hills Harris photographers (Mrs. R. Marshall)

Indiana University Libraries Serials form

Joyce Kennedy check

Ohio State

Pitman, NJ, receipt

Pyramid Films receipt

Review Printing (4+)

Select Press Book Service

University of Colorado at Boulder voucher

University of Delaware Library

University of Illinois

University of Texas Libraries purchase voucher

University of Toledo

University of Wisconsin Library

West Virginia University cancel purchase order


Melville Society Box 1: Folder #22 (1972-1973)

[labelled “Hennig Cohen Files and Earlier #1 (1964)”]


To Hennig Cohen, from:

John Bennett [on his book of poems on Moby-Dick called Knights and Squires], John G. Bowe, Robert DeMott, Marjorie Dew, Michael E. Hoffman (The Book Organization) [on printing of Paul Metcalf’s Genoa], John Middleton (3), Hershel Parker, Edwin S. Scheidman, Robert J. Schwendinger (2), Mildred K. Travis (2), C. Webster Wheelock (2), Sam Willis, Nathalia Wright

From Hennig Cohen, to:

Hershel Parker, Donald Yanella

To Howard P. Vincent, from:

Douglas Sackman

From Howard P. Vincent, to:

Douglas Sackman

To Donald Yanella, from:

Henn [?], John Middleton


Middleton, John, “Note on a Source for ‘Bartleby,’” to be published in Extracts [on original Dead Letters]

Monteiro, George, “References to Typee and Pierre, 1884,” to be published in Extracts

Travis, Mildred K., “Fact to Fiction in Pierre: The Arrowhead Ambience” (six pages)

Wheelock, C. Webster, “A Misread Biblical Allusion in Melville’s Billy-Budd” (retitled “Vere’s To Ananias in Billy Budd”), to be published in Extracts [on Ananias]

Newspaper Clippings:

Bibliographical Note for Bartleby, the Scrivener: A Casebook for Research, ed. Stanley Schatt, University of Houston, Hunt Publications (1972)

Illustration of Tattoo Design of Sailor Nailing Colors to Mast, ca 1915-1920, Metropolitcan Museum of Art, Dick Fund, 1946 MM 34034 46.24.26

Review of Robert Zoellner’s The Salt-Sea Mastodon, Library Journal (May 1, 1973) and review copy letter from U of California Press

Yurick, Sol, “Hubert Selby: Symbolic Intent and Ideological Resistance (or Cocksucking and Revolution),” Evergreen Review, 13 (October 1969): 49-51, 73-78


Judy Scolton, typist for Extracts, 1972, $2 for page typing for typed copy, $4 per page for handwritten copy

Melville Society Box 1: Folder #23 (1966-1975)


To Hennig Cohen, from:

Ron Fonte, Mildred K. Travis, Don Yannella (2)

From Hennig Cohen, to:

Mildred K. Travis, Don Yannella (2)

To Don Yannella, from:

James W. Henderson, Tyrus Hillway, Richard Colles Johnson (2), Michael Massey, John A. Mattoon

From Don Yannella, to:

Oscar Baron, Vladimir Brodestdky, Ronald S. Foute, Richard Colles Johnson, Sanford Marovitz, Yassen N. Zassoursky

From Tom Buckley (New York Times), to:

“Prof” [Sanford Marovitz?]

From Richard Colles Johnson, to:

Oscar Baron


“Fact Sheet—Hall of Fame [of Great Americans]”

Jared Coffin House, Nantucket

Jarrard, Norman, “Melville Studies: A Tentative Bibliography” (December 1958)

“Melville and Hawthorne at Hancock” (September 1966)

Melville Society-William College Conference, September 2-4, 1951 [announcement]

Moby Dick production at Victoria Theatre

“The National Cetacean Symposium,” 1974 [announcement]

Northwestern-Newberry The Writings of Herman Melville [announcement]

Sherman, Stuart C., “Logbooks and Leviathans: An Account of the Nicholson Whaling Collection”


Kastle, Leonard, “The Pariahs” (September 1966) [report to the Melville Society on a new American Opera]

Travis, Mildred K. Travis, “Fact to Fiction in Pierre: The ‘Arrowhead’ Ambience” [typewritten & edited]


Extracts, 1969-1972


Newspaper Clippings:

Bloom, Edward A., about Melville centennial conferences, SRL (September 4, 1954)

Clipping about Moby-Dick aria in The Canaan Journal (April 19, 1973)

Cover for Jargon 43


Melville Society Bylaws, 1969

Progress Report on Melville Society Conference, Nantucket, September 1969

Typewritten list of “Officers of the Melville Society, 1960”

Photocopied pages, including “Letter for Melville 1951”

Photocopied pages from Grosset & Dunlap Moby-Dick illustrated with scenes from the photoplay The Sea Beast

Melville Society stationary, envelopes, form letters




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Woodlawn Cemetary

WoodlawnWoodlawn Cemetary - final resting place of Herman, his wife, Elizabeth, and other family members. Click here to view photos of the gravesites.

125th Anniversary Celebration

125th Woodlawn

A celebration of Melville's life at Woodlawn Cemetary on the 125th anniversary of his passing.

Lansingburgh Historical Society

Melville House

Melville lived for nine years in this Lansingburgh house. It was here that he wrote Typee and Omoo

Berkshire Historical Society

ArrowheadMelville's Arrowhead home and farm in Pittsfield, MA where he wrote Moby-Dick and lived for most of the 1850s.