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Melville Society and New Bedford Whaling Museum Cultural Project The New Bedford Whaling Museum in collaboration with The Melville Society is the established home of the Melville Society Cultural Project and Melville Society Archive. The Melville Society Archive is housed at the New Bedford Whaling Museum's Research Library, where significant works from this collection are also on display. The Melville Society Cultural Project also sponsors a book donation program and presents exciting annual events including the Moby-Dick Marathon and a Birthday Lecture.

 The Melville Society Archive

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Melville Society Box 2: Folder #24


A. To Hennig Cohen, from:

Mary Louise Back (Duke University Press), John G. Bowen (2), Scott Donaldson, Carol B. Gardner (with clipping: “On The Road With Two Small Press Missionaries In A White Whale”), Peter L. Hays, Tyrus Hillway, Jeanne Howes, Lauriat Lane, Jr. (2, including one with notice about Pearl Chester Solomon’s Dickens and Melville in Their Time), Bern Oldsey, David Picton-Phillips (Picton Publishing), Fred van der Zee (Rodopi Press), Leroy O. Webb (with list of U.S. submarines named after whales & other marine animals), Doug Wilmer (with clipping “Scrimshaw Would Be OK For 7 Years”), Donald Yannella

B. From Hennig Cohen, to:

Mr. Ellis (University of Pennsylvania)

Andringa, Melvin, “The Confidence Man” [press release dated March 7, 1975]
Herman Melville, The Whale, and Whaling (Kent State University Press)
Hetherington, Hugh, Melville’s Reviewers (1975) [press release]
National Whale Symposium
Schmitt, Frederick P., The Whale’s Tale as Told on Postage Stamps


Extracts, Spring 1974 (heavily marked)
Extracts, [21?] (heavily marked)

Newspaper Clippings:

“Branch, Watson Gailey, Melville, the critical heritage” (April 7, 1975)
“Columbia Gets Harper Archives” ([1975?])
“Connecticut May Adopt Sperm Whale” (March 26, 1975)
“Homo Sapiens Has His Hour as Connecticut’s State Animal” (May 1975)
“Kenny, Vincent. Herman Melville’s Clarel: a Spiritual Autobiography” (Feb. 1, [1975])
“Melville Drama At Rose Tree” ([n.d.])
“Melville’s UUism Surprises Kring” (May 1, 1975)
“New ‘Whalers’ Study in Alaska” re: John Bockstoce (July 27, [1975?])
“Richard O’Connell . . . adaptation of Herman Melville’s ‘The Confidence Man’’ ([n.d.])
“Transmission Problems in Cars Linked to Ban on Whale-Killing” (April 17, 1975)
“The Waterfront at New Bedford, as seen by ‘Moby Dick’” ([unidentified source])
“Whale of a Gal” (June 22, 1975)


Note for Extracts re: Steven Mailloux’s Checklist of Reviews dated Nov. 1975
Note for Extracts re: Douglas Robillard’s Poems of Herman Melville dated Nov. 1975


Melville Room, Berkshire Athenaeum (3), all inscribed “Melville Room/new/Berkshire Athenaeum”

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Melville Society Box 2: Folder #25


A. To Hennig Cohen, from:

Harrison Hayford (2), Henry A. Murray, Robert G. Newman, Walter Hendricks, Paul H. Rohmann, Ralph W. W. (Folcroft Library Editions), C. Webster Wheelock, Gil Wilson (2)

B. From Hennig Cohen, to:

Walter Bezanson, Walter Hendricks, Henry A. Murray, Robert G. Newman, Muriel Rukeyser, C. Webster Wheelock, Donald Yannella

C. To Donald Yannella, from:

Curtis Dahl, Tyrus Hillway, Lea Tanzman (3), Howard Vincent, C. Webster Wheelock, Gil Wilson

D. From Donald Yannella, to:

Peter Bertolette, Tyrus Hillway, Lea Tanzman, Howard Vincent, C. Webster Wheelock (2)

E. From Henry Murray, to:

Lea Tanzman

F. From Herbert Read, to:

Lea Tanzman


The Gale Gallery (including a sculptured head of Herman Melville)

Hendricks House (including Piazza Tales ed. Egbert S. Oliver, Pierre ed. Henry Murray, Moby-Dick ed. Luther Mansfield & Howard P. Vincent, The Confidence Man ed. Elizabeth S. Foster, Clarel ed. Walter E. Bezanson, Omoo ed. Harrison Hayford & Walter Blair)


Octagon Books

Vincent, Howard P., “Jottings of a Consumptive Usher” [on the death of Eleanor Melville Metcalf]

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Melville Society Box 2: Folder #26


A. To Tyrus Hillway, from:

Walter Bezanson, Hennig Cohen (9), Koh Kasegawa, Kenneth A. Lohf, Luther S. Mansfield, John L. Marsh, Robert G. Newman, Louis G. Pecek, Merton M. Sealts, Jr., Gil Wilson (2), Saburo Yamaya

Christmas Meeting, Melville Society, Newberry Library, December 27, [unknown year]
Formation of Melville Society in February 1945 (2)
Melville Society Conference, Nantucket, September 5-8, 1969
Some Recent Articles Relating to Melville (January 1947 to September 1948)

“Extracts” (June 20, 1969)
“Extracts” (August 15, 1969)
“Extracts” (November 7, 1969)
Extracts, No. 10
Extracts, No. 11
Extracts, No. 12
Extracts, [undated odd page]
Melville Society Newsletter (December 1961)
Melville Society Newsletter, II (August 23, 1962)
Melville Society Newsletter, Vol. IV, No. 1 (February 25, 1948) (4 copies)

List of Membership (May 20, 1948)

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Melville Society Box 2: Folder #27 (1972-1975)


A. To Hennig Cohen, from:

Darrel Abel, Jean Alter, David V. Erdman (New York Public Library), Ed J. Keanes (3), Richard S. Moore, Joel Myerson, Robert G. Newman, Leland R. Phelps, Edwin S. Shneidman, Philip Wilmeth

B. From Hennig Cohen, to:

Kingsley Widmer

Bookman’s Weekly list of Melville editions for sale (October 14, 1974), with stapled announcement by George S. MacManus Co. of Melville editions
Notice of Melville Dissertations: An Annotated Directory, eds. Joel Myerson and Arthur H. Miller, Jr.

South Street Reporter (Fall 1972)

Newspaper Clippings:
Article about Moby-Dick and other books as controversial for high school classroom use, Philadelphia Inquirer (November 1, 1974)
Article about New Jersey whaling, Star-Ledger (January 30, 1975)
Article about Ronile Press, Philadelphia Inquirer (August 31, 1974)
Finney, Jack, “Time and Again” (stapled to note from Joel Myerson to Hennig Cohen)
Lentfoehr, Sister Therese, “In the Wake of Moby Dick” [review of John Bennett’s Knights and Squires: More Poems on Moby Dick sent to Hennig Cohen by John Bennett]
“Melvilliana,” New York Times (August 4, 1974)
Notice of Off Off-Broadway production of Moby Dick, Village Voice (August 1, 1974)

Note about Turner water color #357 at the Tate

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Melville Society Box 2: Folder #28


A. To Hennig Cohen, from:

Mr. Barrick, Wilson Heflin, Miriam N. Kotzin, James [?] [Middlebroth?], Roberta Montalbano, Andy Myers, Robert G. Newman (2), Francine Pak, Douglas Robillard, Robert Zoellner

B. From Hennig Cohen, to:

Douglas Robillard

Dedication of the New Public Library, Pittsfield, MA (October 5, 1975)
DELTA, revue du “Centre d’Etude et de Recherches sur les ecrivains du Sud des Etats-Unis” re: Number 6, October 1977, on H. Melville, “Bartleby the Scrivener”
Invitation to Pittsfield’s New Public Library (October 5, 1975)

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Melville Society Box 2: Folder #29


A. To Hennig Cohen, from:

Deborah C. Andrews (3), Rex [Kingsley R.?] Fall, Lucy Freibert (2), Thomas P. Garigan, Stanley W. Lindberg, John L. Marsh (10), Arthur Miller, Henry Murray (3), Mrs. William Ricketts

B. From Hennig Cohen, to:

Deborah C. Andrews, Lucy Freibert (2), John L. Marsh (4), Arthur Miller (2), Henry Murray (3), The Melville Society

C. From Donald Yannella, to:

Kingsley R. Fall

D. To Robert G. Newman, from:

R.C. Robertson

Melville Society
“Moby-Dick Rehearsed,” Temple University (November 26-29, December 2-6, 1975)
The Scrimshaw Press

Cost for Jan. 1972 Newsletter
Eastern Book Company
Joel Myerson & Arthur H. Miller, Jr., Melville Dissertations: An Annotated Directory (5)
Melville Society Extracts
Midwest Library Service
Nancy D. Johnson (2)
Quotation from Cypher Associates for “Melville Society Poetry Book” [presumably the same as the “Melville Keepsake Book”]
Quotation from Science Press for “Melville Keepsake Book” [presumably the same as the “Melville Society Poetry Book”]
Universitat, Salzburg [for copy of dissertation]
University of Alberta (2)
Wayne State University (3)

Marsh, John L., “Verse in Celebration of the Life and Art of Herman Melville: A Check List”
Shneidman, Edwin S., on Stanwix Melville

Newspaper Clippings:
“Arrowhead: a literary landmark” [letter to the Editor], Berkshire Eagle (December 31, 1974)
“Arrowhead gets unanimous vote,” Berkshire Eagle (January 23, 1975) (2)
“Drawing of Arrowhead” (December 26, 1974)
“Homeowners, scholars back museum idea for Melville home” (January 20, 1975)
“In Brief . . . ” [re: Arrowhead on the market] (December 28, 1974)
“Melville Memorial Support Mounts,” Springfield Union (January 21, 1975)
“Melville Society to meet in Pittsfield next year,” Berkshire Eagle (January 16, 1975)
“Scrimshaw” [re: The Scrimshaw Press], New York Times Book Review (September 21, 1975)

Handwritten jottings re: Extracts (4)
Note on Borges ed. of Bartleby (1969)
Notes on Laurentian whales, Hugh MacDiarmid (3)
Note on Norton Critical Edition of Moby-Dick, ed. Harrison Hayford & Hershel Parker
Note [random]: “Copies of Hennig Cohen’s correspondence from letters, since renewed by Dr. Yannella”
Notes on Roger Starbuck, “Taking a Whale, Harper’s Weekly (December 22, 1866) (2)
Photocopied library catalogue cards

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Melville Society Box 2: Folder #30


To Tyrus Hillway, from:
Merton Babcock, Laurence Barrett (2), Walter E. Bezanson, William Braude, Mrs. E. Barton Chapin, George Creeger (2), Frank Davidson, Merrell Davis, Edward Fiess (2), John T. Frederick (2), Gerhard Friedrich, Dorset Graves, Keiichi Harada, Wilson Heflin (2), Hans Helmcke (2), Gilbert Hoover, Howard Horsford (2), H. Howard Hughes, David Jaffe (2), Grace Jager, Norman E. Jarrard, Fred Jordan (2), Norman Kane, Koh Kasegawa, Floreine Kibler, James Kirsch (6), Katie M. Kiss (3), Francis Kovaleski (2), Klaus Langzinger (2), Tom Little, William H. Lomicka, Annette P. Lynch, Thomas O. Mabbott (3), Irving Malin, Chave McCracken, Eric Mesterson, Mother M. De Montfort, Robert G. Newman (4), Therman B. O’Daniel, Egbert Oliver, Norman Holmes Pearson (2), Harold Ribalow, Gordon Roper, Roma Rosen, John P. Runden, Ernest Sandeen, Merton M. Sealts, Jr. (2), Stuart C. Sherman (5), George T. Smisor, Robert Smith, B. A. Sokoloff, George Winchester Stone, Leo Stone (2), Phloyd Tayler, Willard Thorpe, Ralph Wilcoxen (2), Louis L. Williams, Leah Yabroff
From Tyrus Hillway, to:
Leah Yabroff

To Howard C. Horsford, from:
Ralph M. Aderman, Wilson Heflin, Merton M. Sealts, Jr., Nathalia Wright


Additions to the Melville Log

Address to Librarians, Booksellers, and All Owners of Melville Editions (November 1965)

Grand Celebration of the Christmas Season (December 27, 1965)

“Literary Landmarks USA”

“Melville Bibliography”

Melville Society Dues Notice (1947)

“Objectives” (13 copies)

Report to Members of the Melville Society (1965)

Schedule of Meetings of the Modern Language Society (January 13, 1958)

“Some Recent Articles Relating to Melville” (1/47-9/48) (4 copies)

Statement of Income and Expenses for the Year 1946

To the Pequod Crew (1966)

Wilson, Gil, Statement


Melville Society “Extracts,” 13 (January 1973)

Melville Society “Extracts,” 14 (April 1973)

Melville Society Newsletter, 2.1 (April 30, 1946) (5 copies)

Melville Society Newsletter, 2.2 (July 30, 1946) (5 copies)

Melville Society Newsletter, 2.3 (October 30, 1946) (12 copies)

Melville Society Newsletter, 2.4 (December 14, 1946) (15 copies)

Melville Society Newsletter, 2.5 (January 30, 1947) (13 copies)

Melville Society Newsletter, 3.1 (May 15, 1947) (8 copies)

Melville Society Newsletter, 3.2 (August 8, 1947) (12 copies)

Melville Society Newsletter, 3.3 (November 10, 1947) (6 copies)

Melville Society Newsletter, 4.1 (February 25, 1948)

Melville Society Newsletter, 4.2 (June 30, 1948) (2 copies)

Melville Society Newsletter, 4.3 (November 1, 1948)

Melville Society Newsletter [different numbering], 13.3 (Autumn 1957)

Melville Society Newsletter [different numbering], 13.4 (Winter 1957)

Melville Society Newsletter [different numbering], 14.1 (Spring 1958)

Melville Society Newsletter [different numbering], 4.2 [error: should be 14.2] (Summer 1958)

Melville Society Newsletter [different numbering], 14.3 (Autumn 1958)

Thoreau Society Bulletin, 60 (Summer 1957)

Thoreau Society Bulletin, 61 (Fall 1957)

Thoreau Society Bulletin, 62 (Winter 1958)

Thoreau Society Bulletin, 63 (Spring 1958)

Thoreau Society Bulletin, 64 (Summer 1958)

Thoreau Society Bulletin, 65 (Fall 1958)

Newspaper Clippings:

Nelson, Truman, “Walden on Trial,” The Nation (July 19, 1958) [reprint]


List of Membership (November 11, 1965)

Melville Society Members in Good (paid) and Bad (unpaid) standing (November 22, 1966)

Northwestern-Newberry ([1967?])

Northwestern-Newberry (January 17, 1967)

Notice of the death of Eleanor Metcalf—opens Report to Melville Society (1964)

Provisional Proposals for a Grand and Glorious Gam ([1965?])

Report on Melville Society “Extracts” (March 5, 1970)

Report on Melville Society “Extracts” (October 22, 1970)

Report on Melville Society “Extracts” (February 20, 1971)

Report on Melville Society “Extracts” (May 3, 1971)

Sealts, Merton M., Jr., re: “Melville’s Burgundy Club Sketches”


Berkshire Athenaeum acknowledgment

Indiana University Library issue request and bill

State of Oregon Library purchase order (2)

University of California Library request

University of Hawaii (3)

University of Illinois

University of Texas

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Melville Society Box 2: Folder #31


A. To Tyrus Hillway, from:

Ralph M. Aderman, Nelson F. Adkins, William S. Akin (6), Nelson A. Ault, Melva Lynn Baker (Arlington State College Library), Edwin F. Barber (Harper & Brothers) (2), Laurence Barrett (5, including 2 telegrams), Helen M. Brewer, M. Schoeller Bucherstube (Berlin bookseller), Herbert Cahoon, Bill [Cha—?], Katherine Allen Clarke, F.A. Cook (Prentice-Hall), Reginald L. Cook, George Creeger (2), Walter W. Curley, Andrew P. Davis (2), Fitzroy Davis, Edith Deer (Rutgers University), Grace M. DeWeerdt (McGregor Magazine), Editors of Abstracts of English Studies, John Ervin, Jr. (University of Minnesota Press), Elizabeth Eulass (Viking Press), Joseph L. Fant, Olive Fite (2), Chad Flake (Brigham Young University Library), J.C. Fleming (Prentice-Hall) (2), Richard Fogle (3), John T. Frederick (4), Gerhard Friedrich (3), Edward G. Freehafer (New York Public Library), “George” [writing from Wurzburg, Germany], Donna Gerstenberger, William A. Grant (2), Dorset Graves, Wilson Heflin, Hans Helmcke (4), George Hendrick, Howard C. Horsford, Barbara Howard, William H. Huff (University of Illinois Library), H. Howard Hughes, Margaret Irwin (Columbia University Library) (2), Norman E. Jannard, Sidney Kaplan, Koh Kasegawa, James Kirsch, Katie M. Kiss, Harro H. Kuhnelt, Klaus Lanzinger (3), Tom Little (2), John J. McAleer (2), B. R. McElderry, Jr., John McKiernan, Henry K. Metcalf, George A. Middendorf, Gordon H. Mills, Robert F. Newman, Paul E. O’Connell (Prentice-Hall), Therman B. O’Daniel (2), Yvonne Ozaki (University of Hawaii Library), Helen Palffy (John Carroll University Library), Max Putzel, Gordon Roper, R. Rosen, Ernest Sandeen, Donald B. Sands, John Satterfield, Lewis Sawin, Laura B. Schatz (Trinity College Library), Shirley Schneider, Stuart C. Sherman (Providence Public Library) (6, including telegram), James Edward Sisson, B.A. Sokoloff (3), Richard Stavig (6), George Winchester Stone, Jr. (MLA) (4), Willard Thorp, Joe Timberlake (3), Harold M. Turaw [?], University of Michigan Library, University of Texas Library, Ralph Wilcoxen

The Berkshire Athenaeum, Annual Reports (1960)
Hennig Cohen, ed., The Battle-Pieces of Herman Melville
Membership Directory for The Thoreau Society (January 1960)
Tentative Schedule of the 1960 MLA Meeting
Tentative Schedule of the 1961 MLA Meeting

Ohio State University Library
Southern Illinois University Library (2)
University of California, Berkeley
University of Hawaii
University of Oregon Library

“December Meeting to be Held in Chicago”
de Menil, Alexander, The Hesperian (St. Louis), 1 (Spring 1897): 497.
Laurence Barrett, Presidential Letter for Melville Society Newsletter, vol. 15, no. 3 ([Fall 1959?])
Melville Society Newsletter, vol. 14, no. 4 (Winter 1958)
Melville Society Newsletter, vol. 15, no. 3 ([Fall 1959?])
Note: “Herman Melville’s novels, it would seem, have not as yet entirely gone out of print,”

J. Lyndon Shanley, Pleasures of Walden (Thoreau Society Bulletin, 15)
Thoreau Society Booklet, 14
Thoreau Society Bulletin, 66 (Winter 1959)
Thoreau Society Bulletin, 67 (Spring 1959)
Thoreau Society Bulletin, 68 (Summer 1959)
Thoreau Society Bulletin, 69 (Fall 1959)
Thoreau Society Bulletin, 70 (Winter 1960)

Newspaper Clippings:
“4 Actors Seeking Teaching Degree,” New York Times ([—r?] 7, 1960) [with “Fitzroy Davis” underlined]
“Akiana at Wheaton College” (January 1959)
“Dr. Howard P. Vincent: Author to Join KSU Faculty”
“Study of Melville Novel,” Men and Events (February 1958)

Melville Society Executive Committee (1960)
Melville Society Officers (1957, 1958, 1959)

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Fellowships and Scholarships

Melville Society Archive
Walter E. Bezanson Fellowship
The Melville Society, under the auspices of the Melville Society Cultural Project in New Bedford, offers an annual fellowship to help a scholar undertake research on Herman Melville at the Society’s Archive in the Research Library of the Whaling Museum in New Bedford, Massachusetts.


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New York Public Library
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Graduate students or other affiliated academics whose work would benefit from visiting the Manuscripts and Archives Division to view collections such as the Gansevoort-Lansing collection, and Duyckinck family papers are encouraged to apply.


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Woodlawn Cemetary

WoodlawnWoodlawn Cemetary - final resting place of Herman, his wife, Elizabeth, and other family members. Click here to view photos of the gravesites.

125th Anniversary Celebration

125th Woodlawn

A celebration of Melville's life at Woodlawn Cemetary on the 125th anniversary of his passing.

Lansingburgh Historical Society

Melville House

Melville lived for nine years in this Lansingburgh house. It was here that he wrote Typee and Omoo

Berkshire Historical Society

ArrowheadMelville's Arrowhead home and farm in Pittsfield, MA where he wrote Moby-Dick and lived for most of the 1850s.