The Melville Society is dedicated to the study and appreciation of the nineteenth-century American author Herman Melville, writer of Typee, Moby-Dick, and Billy Budd, such short stories as “Bartleby” and “Benito Cereno,” and several volumes of poetry, including Battle-Pieces and the epic Clarel
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The Eaton Portrait

Herman Melville JOEaton 95ppi 250wBy permission of Houghton Library, Harvard University: 61Z-4

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Melville Electronic Library

mel-thumb-crpd-3The Melville Electronic Library is an online resource for Melville texts. Housed on a Hofstra University server, MEL is being developed and maintained by a group of Melville scholars and digital specialists.

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Melville Society Cultural Project

Melville Society and New Bedford Whaling Museum Cultural Project The New Bedford Whaling Museum in collaboration with The Melville Society is the established home of the Melville Society Cultural Project and Melville Society Archive. The Melville Society Archive is housed at the New Bedford Whaling Museum's Research Library, where significant works from this collection are also on display. The Melville Society Cultural Project also sponsors a book donation program and presents exciting annual events including the Moby-Dick Marathon and a Birthday Lecture.

Herman Melville's Arrowhead

BHS FB HM portraitHerman Melville's Arrowhead Facebook Group page of the Berkshire Historical Society. Celebrating historical Berkshire County and Herman Melville's Arrowhead, the farm and home where Melville lived while writing Moby-Dick.

The Melville Society Archive
Descriptions of the folders contained in box 3

Melville Society Box 3:Folder #41 (1983)


To Donald Yannella, from: Carl Brucker, Hennig Cohen, Joseph Flibbert, M. Thomas Inge, Alma A. MacDougall

From Donald Yannella, to: Carl Brucker, M. Thomas Inge


Bergmann, Johannes D., “Abstract”
Brucker, “Horatio Alger and Moby-Dick at Harvard”
Checklist of Publications 1930-1982
Cohen, Hennig, “Review of NN Israel Potter”
Garner, Stanton, “The Melville Who Awaits Discovery”
“In Memoriam: Leon Howard”
Inge, M. Thomas, “Query: Melville in Popular Culture”
Introductory Note [?] for Extracts
“Israel Potter Documents” (photocopies of originals and transcribed)
Jay Leyda preparing 3rd edition of Log
MacDougall, Alma A., “The Chronology of The Confidence-Man and Benito Cereno: Redating Two 1855 Curtis and Melville Letters”
Madison, R. D., “Fact and Fiction in Melville’s ‘Etchings’ Reviews”
Melville plaque stolen
Spengeman, William C., “Abstract”


Including Johannes Bergmann, Walter Bezanson, Stanton Garner, Sally Hoople, Bob Milder, Joel Myerson, Hershel Parker, William Spengemann


Melville Society Box 3:Folder #42 (1982: Extracts 54)


To Donald Yannella, from:

Carl L. Anderson, Martin Bickman [2], Carl W. Brucker, John Bryant, Erika (?), John M. J. Gretchko [2], William Hamilton, M. Thomas Inge, John (? UNC), Len Kaplan, David Ketterer [3], P. Anton Kobasa [2] Jay Leyda, Ellen Madison, David McAuley [3], Robert Milder, Charles Moorman, Lee Phelps, Audrey Roberts, William H. Sack [2], Emily Tall [7]

From Donald Yannella, to:

Carl L. Anderson, John Bennett, Martin Bickman, Carl W. Brucker, John Bryant, John M. J. Gretchko [2], William Hamilton, Philippe Jaworski [2], David Ketterer [3], P. Anton Kobasa, Jay Leyda, Alma MacDougall, Ellen Madison, Robert D. Madison, David McAuley [3], Lee Phelps [2], Audrey Roberts, William H. Sack, Emily Tall [5]

To Hennig Cohen, from:

John Bennett

To M. Thomas Inge, from:

Bill in Toronto


Anderson, Carl L., “The Minster’s Advice to Elizabeth Melville”
Gretchko, John M. J., “A Note on James Colnett” [2]
Ketterer, David, “Ahab’s Leg”
Kovalev, I., “Melville and American Romanticism”
“Meta” [clippings, notes]
Lackey, Kris, “Additional Biblical Allusions in Moby-Dick”
Shneidman, Edwin, “The Diary”
Tall, Emily, “Herman Melville in the Soviet Union”
Yannella, Donald, “Chowder”

Melville Society Box 3:Folder #43 (1983: Extracts 55)


To Donald Yannella, from:

John Bennett [3], Curtis Dahl, David Ketterer [2], Kris Lackey, Hershel Parker, Lee Phelps, Audrey Roberts, John P. Runden [4], William Sack, Harold Schechter [2], Daniel A. Wells

From Donald Yannella, to:

John Bennett, Curtis Dahl, David Ketterer, Kris Lackey, Hershel Parker, John P. Runden [2], William Sack, Harold Schechter, Daniel A. Wells


Change of address flyer for Donald Yannella (moved to Glassboro State College)



Bennett, John, two poems

“Bible Leaves” (on Ellen Madison and The National Era)

Dahl, Curtis, “‘Arrowhead’ and the ‘Razeed’ Roof: An Architectural Speculation”

McAuley, David, “A Source for Melville’s ‘The March Into Virginia’”

Note [2]

Roberts, Audrey, “Another Chapter for ‘Benito Cereno’”

Runden, John P., “Old School Ties: Melville, The Columbia Grammar School, and the New York Literati”

Sack, William H., “Melville and the Theme of Individuation”

Schechter, Harold, “The Velvet Paw: A Note on the Cat Image in Melville’s Fiction”

Wells, Daniel A., “Melville Allusions in the Atlantic Monthly, 1857-1900”

Newspaper Clipping:

“The Melville Treasures,” New York Times (July 12, 1983)


Xeroxes of pages from White-Jacket and Moby-Dick in Russian


Melville Society Box 3:Folder #44 (1978-1984)


Back Issues of Extracts (1969-1981) (2)
Invitation to Join The Melville Society, June 1978 (3)
Invitation to Join The Melville Society, December 1978 (2)
Invitation to Join The Melville Society, June 1980 (8)
New Address for The Melville Society After August 15, 1983 (2)
A New Home for The Melville Society After June 1, [1981?] (3)


Melville Society Box 3:Folder #45 (1970-1982)


To Donald Yannella, from:

Nicholas Alter (Monograph Publishing), James F. Cahalan, Hennig Cohen (8), Richard Colles Johnson, Robert G. Newman, Jeanette Oberle (Books on Demand re: Hennig Cohen and James Cahalan, eds., A Concordance to Melville’s Moby Dick), Irene Snow (Monograph Publishing) (2)

From Donald Yannella, to:

Executive Committee, Hennig Cohen (3)


Hennig Cohen and James Cahalan, eds., A Concordance to Melville’s Moby Dick (2)
Hennig Cohen and James Cahalan, eds., A Concordance to Melville’s Moby Dick, ARBA 80 (May 7, 1980)
Monograph Publishing, “Announcement of Publication-Fee Rate Changes”


Monograph Publishing On Demand (3)
University Microfilms


Monograph Abstracts (1977)
Monograph Publishing, The Imprint Series: Publication Guidelines (1977)

Newspaper Clipping:

“Understanding Ahab by Computer,” Princeton Alumni Weekly (October 6, 1970)


Hennig Cohen’s address
Please call Jonn Kehoe

Melville Society Box 3:Folder #46 (1974-1975: Melville Calendar)


To Donald Yannella, from:

Susan Anable, Jeanne E. Beemer, William Bond [2], Phyllis Chesneau, Hennig Cohen [2], Charles Haberstroh [2], Harrison Hayford [2], Wilson Heflin, Richard Colles Johnson [2], New York Public Library, Pierre (Confluence Films), Morris Star, Robert G. Newman [2], Faye Simkin, Morris Star, UNC/Chapel Hill

From Donald Yannella, to:

Susan Anable, W. H. Bond, Fogg Museum, Harrison Hayford, Wilson Heflin, Richard Colles Johnson, Robert G. Newman [2], Hershel Parker, Paul Rugen, Morris Star [6]

To Hennig Cohen, from:
Gil Wilson

From Harrison Hayford, to:
William Bond

To Robert G. Newman, from:
R. C. Robertson

Invoices & Receipts:

Repro Shop
Review Printing


Captions, Melville Calendar
Captions, Melville Calendar (handwritten)
Copy for the calendar images:
January: Quotation from Evert A. Duyckinck to accompany Asa Twitchell portrait February: Description of Davis ambrotype portrait
March: Description of Rodney Dewey photograph
April: Dewey Photograph
May: Description of photograph
June: New York 1868 photograph portrait
July: L. F. Grant engraving
August: Tintype, New York 1868
September: Tintype 1868
October: Eaton oil portrait
November: Grant engraving
December: Rockwood photo 1885
Dates of Melville Calendar
Dedication to John Marr
Heflin, Wilson, Melville Dates
Inserts (handwritten)
Johnson, Richard Colles, Melville Dates
Numbers (handwritten)
Poster Mockup
Sealts, Merton M., Jr., Melville Dates
Sealts, Merton M., Jr., Melville Timeline
Star, Morris, “A Checklist of Portraits of Herman Melville”
Yannella, Donald, Foreword, Melville Calendar


A Melville Calendar 1975


Melville Society Box 3:Folder #47 (1975)


To Donald Yannella, from:

Hennig Cohen, Steven Mailloux (2) Joel Myerson (2), Hershel Parker (6), Nelson Smith

From Donald Yannella, to:

Hennig Cohen, George Fletcher, Hershel Parker (8), Lawrence Reader (2), Nelson Smith

To Hennig Cohen, from:

Steven Mailloux (2), George Monteiro, Hershel Parker (5), Burton R. Pollin (6)

From Hennig Cohen, to:

George Monteiro, Hershel Parker (5), Burton R. Pollin (2), Nelson Smith (4)


University of Victoria (2)


Mailloux, Steven, and Hershel Parker, “Forward” (2)
Reviews of The Confidence-Man
Reviews of Typee (2)

Newspaper Clipping:

Pollin, Burton R., “Additional Unrecorded Reviews of Melville’s Books,” American Studies, 9.1: 55-68

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Fellowships and Scholarships

Melville Society Archive
Walter E. Bezanson Fellowship
The Melville Society, under the auspices of the Melville Society Cultural Project in New Bedford, offers an annual fellowship to help a scholar undertake research on Herman Melville at the Society’s Archive in the Research Library of the Whaling Museum in New Bedford, Massachusetts.


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New York Public Library
Short-term Research Fellowships


Graduate students or other affiliated academics whose work would benefit from visiting the Manuscripts and Archives Division to view collections such as the Gansevoort-Lansing collection, and Duyckinck family papers are encouraged to apply.


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Woodlawn Cemetary

WoodlawnWoodlawn Cemetary - final resting place of Herman, his wife, Elizabeth, and other family members. Click here to view photos of the gravesites.

125th Anniversary Celebration

125th Woodlawn

A celebration of Melville's life at Woodlawn Cemetary on the 125th anniversary of his passing.

Lansingburgh Historical Society

Melville House

Melville lived for nine years in this Lansingburgh house. It was here that he wrote Typee and Omoo

Berkshire Historical Society

ArrowheadMelville's Arrowhead home and farm in Pittsfield, MA where he wrote Moby-Dick and lived for most of the 1850s.