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Melville and Douglass in 2018

A guest blog contributed by Robert K. Wallace

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Member Communications: Announcement from Excecutive Secretary Colin Dewey


NOTICE TO MEMBERS: All communications to members will be made electronically in the future. Gone are the mailers and paper ballots of the past. Please, if you haven't done so already, be sure your electronic and postal addresses are correct and up to date. To make updates, you will log in to the Johns Hopkins University Press site, where your membership account is located.

Use this URL…/leviathan-journal-melville-stud…and click "MY ACCOUNT" in the header above the Leviathan info.

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Our Website Revised and Updated

We are pleased to present a revised and updated website that now features Melville Society Blogs with contributions from the site edtior as well as from guest blogger, Robert Wallace, and the blog of the New Bedford Whaling Museum. Professor Wallace has generously shared his blog, which features richly illustrated essays and narratives related to the recent international conference in London and his several excursions to London art museums. The New Bedford Whaling Museum blog was included in the former version of our website, but not as an easy to read, full-column blog, but in a compressed, narrow module tucked away in the left sidebar.

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